Aussteller 2023

Workerbase GmbH

Rosenheimer Str. 139
81671 München
+49 89 21540295

Über Workerbase:
WORKERBASE is a Munich-based technology company that helps leading manufacturers to create the agile factory. We empower factory workers with digital tools to enable flexible and sustainable production processes. We combine human workers, machines and material into one digital platform that enables real-time and data-driven production processes. The effect: improved factory output, quality and productivity.


We provide a Dynamic Process Execution platform incl.

  • a low-code environment to create workflow apps
  • based on proven solution modules
  • that can integrate with existing MES/ERP
  • and use real-time process automation to generate
  • real-time data for real-time actions

Ihr Ansprechpartner:
Thorsten Krüger